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A few super secret tips at the bottom of the description ;)

How to Play:

Goal: Earn as many points as you can by upgrading your gear and staying alive

How to upgrade: Collect loot boxes enemies drop upon death for parts which are displayed in the top right corner. When you have the parts necessary for an upgrade, you will be shown the upgrade on the left side in yellow text. To upgrade, go to the workbench (the box with a black circle around it) and press the number for the upgrade you want to do.

What damages what the most?

Bullets do the most damage against the regulars (medium ones that launch rockets)

Melee does the most damage against the melees (small ones that chase you down)

Rockets do the most damage against the heavys (big guys that shoot bullets)

About the development:

September 11 2017 through September 15 2017, my team (4Rbitrary and BlockW) and I were working almost non stop on this project for the Take Arms Game Jam. We wanted to do something productive and instead of playing games, we decided to make one. We created a concept (see "Original Idea"), worked on pixel art (mostly 4Rbitrary), worked on programming in features (mostly me, Hugernot), and BlockW helped just about everywhere. In some ways, this isn't our first game, but in MANY more ways, this REALLY is the first game that we made. It's currently 2:12 AM at the time of me writing this, the Game Jam ends in less than an hour. Everyone is pretty exhausted.


See our development progress:

Original Idea:

It's going to be a top-down 2D survival scavenger game in a post apocolyptic suburban/urban area. The enemies are robots, and you play as Jakobs, a craftaholic hobo who take the parts from the robots and is able to build and upgrade weapons. The feeling is supposed to be more dark and dreary, with robots lighting up the area. Different types of weapons/attachments are more effective against certain enemy types. He will be using his alley way between a fisherman's shop and another store as a crafting area. Want to add in some sort of permanence in-between games, so if you die, you don't lose absolutely.

What we want for the future:

We would very much like to continue work on this game, we plan on adding a full crafting system with different attachments and buffs, making the game more of an open world RPG, fixing all the bugs (probably not going to happen), special enemy movement (such as melee enemies spinning around you in a circle before the attack, heavies jumping to move location quickly, and more), rocket/bullet reflection, better graphics, animations, and sooo much more. We also don't want to destroy your ears with music and sound, so we plan on fixing that as well.

Super secret inside secrets of secrecy:

Dashing (spacebar) reduces the amount of damage you take by 80%

The heavy (big guy) fires bullets in bursts with cool downs in-between

You walk faster when looking in the direction you are walking

Shoot rockets to blow them up and stop them from hurting you


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